The talent show is the event where the Druzina children can enter the stage and show their talents to schoolmates, parents,  teachers and whoever else is around on the day. It is a festive day for all and an opportunity to meet in the school garden.

It is first and foremost to give the Elementary School children an opportunity to show what they learned in the clubs they participated in during the school year, but they are also welcome to participate if they learned their skills elsewhere.

Set up in the garden with Lenka Adámková, our new club director, and Peter Lauritzen as moderators, our great školník Josef Hendrych as the technician and our experienced music teacher Julia Pitsur doing musical support we let the children loose on the stage performing their songs, pieces of music and dancing, either alone or with some partners.

The audience was enthusiastic and there was coffee and snacks on a lovely summer day. We are already looking forward to the next one.

It was a beautiful day!