Duhovka Elementary School is a Montessori school with a Czech-English educational program accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education. The pedagogical approach is rooted in Montessori philosophy and teaching in all subjects is based on Montessori methodology. At the same time, we fully meet the requirements of the Czech educational plan and children leaving Duhovka Elementary School score well in the entrance exam results for Czech high schools.

Czech curriculum

Our school is a part of the Czech school system and fully respects the Czech State Framework Educational Program for Elementary Education. This means that at the end of grades 5 and 9, children have at least equivalent outcomes as at other schools.  This is important for opening up their future educational paths and the possibility of continuing their studies at high schools.

Montessori curriculum

We draw from the international Montessori curriculum which significantly enriches planned outcomes in most subjects. This is most evident in the so-called Cosmic Education where both Natural Sciences and Humanities are interconnected. Great emphasis is also placed on the social skills of children in the Montessori curriculum.

Bilingual teaching

The curriculum of our school is demanding for children, mainly due to the bilingual nature of teaching, which aims to ensure that all content (including technical terminology) should be gradually mastered in both languages. However, the teaching is individualized and therefore always respects the current characteristics of each child. At the same time we can still set reasonably demanding challenges for the child regardless of the grade they formally attend. This is also supported by the concept of mixed-year classes, where children can join higher or lower-grade lessons at any time.