Our chefs prepare a daily lunch menu for the children as well as healthy morning and afternoon snacks. Each day the children have a choice of two main meals, one of which is always vegetarian. This selection is an indication for the kitchen about the child‘s preferences. The lunch service is self-service, the child chooses his/her own menu at the buffet counter.We post the menus both in the parents' online zone and on the notice board in the school. If parents want to try lunch with their children, they are welcome to do so.

Lunch consists of a soup, two main dishes offered in buffet style and a salad bar. We offer carrot, mixed, tomato, cucumber, Greek or field lettuce salad with the meal. Morning and afternoon snacks follow the nutritionist's recommendations and regularly include ham, cheese, egg, spread, yogurt, jam, cornflakes, honey, butter, fruit and vegetables. Children can choose whatever they like for snack. Afternoon snacks at the after-school center are often enriched with a sweet dessert in the form of homemade cakes. The school also provides drinks throughout the day.

We encourage children's independence, they prepare their own snacks from prepared meals and clean up their own dishes and place at lunchtime. We do not force children to eat, however their teacher eats lunch with them and encourages children to choose from the menu.