Our story

The elementary school became a natural continuation of the preschool, which we established as a Czech-English environment standing firmly on the foundations of Montessori pedagogy. We wanted it to be natural for children to communicate in both Czech and English, and to grow up with the same values and cultural background as their parents. At the same time, we liked the idea of an environment attended by children of many nationalities where they could learn what diversity offers them.

As parents of young children we soon realized that it would be of great benefit to them to continue learning in a similar spirit as in our preschool. We built our elementary school on the foundations of a progressive private school - Škola hrou, which we took over in 2010 and gradually transformed it into a Czech-English Montessori elementary school, Duhovka Elementary.

Until 2019, Duhovka was an elementary school only, followed by our eight-year Czech-English Duhovka High School. However, not all fifth-graders are ready to transfer to a high school, which is why we have expanded our elementary school and established a middle school. Now parents and children in Grade 5 have the opportunity to decide to continue to Grade 9 in the elementary, which approximately half of them do.

Ivana and Tomáš Janeček
Duhovka Founders