Duhovka is made up of people

The school is a vivid organism made up of the personalities and cultural backgrounds of the children, parents, teachers and other staff. Teachers, assistants and the after-school centre teachers are native English and Czech speakers, with teaching qualifications and many with have years of experience. As a prerequisite for long-term employment at the school, teachers must have completed a Montessori course. Teachers have the required educational qulifications and above all exceptional personal qualities creating the necessary prerequisites for the successful application of the school philosophy and the entire Duhovka system. The school has a school psychologist and a special educator who help to solve current situations with children, teachers and parents.

The third side of the triangle is the parents of our children. Parents are welcome to visit the classroom throughout the year and to observe instruction. Special "observation days" are set aside each month to come and observe the classroom. Twice a year, "parent conferences" are held when the teachers of a given class meet individually with parents to discuss their children's performance. Benchmark tests provide additional information about the child's performance. We take advantage of the diversity of professions, backgrounds and interests of parents who can participate and assist in the running of the school. Collaboration with parents is a welcome and natural practice. The Parents' Association of Duhovka Elementary School has been established to support family and school cooperation.