Middle school

Principles of teaching


Middle School students work often in mixed age groups. From the first grade, we adopt the bilingual concept and the Montessori method, but we are moving more from concrete tools to abstract concepts that promote responsibility for one's own learning, independence and teamwork. Teaching is built on integrating subjects and learning in context with an emphasis on social skills, individual attention, hands-on experience and a prepared environment.

The main subject is Cosmic Education - exploring the world around us from a contemporary and historical perspective. Subjects such as languages, Maths, IT or Art then contribute to meeting the needs in Cosmic Education. Topics are presented in blocks and cross-cut all areas, often using project-based learning.

The entire middle school is designed as preparation for transition to any high school. The program is academically strong but also prepares children for life. In addition to the academic foundation, we focus a lot on developing competencies - learning, social, communicative. We teach kids to solve situations by analyzing them, designing solutions, finding resources and applying solutions to practice.

Our teachers


Elementary Program - Grades 6-9

2024/2025 Program for Grades 6 - 9

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Prague 6 - Brevnov
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Monday - Friday: 8.30 am - app 4 pm
including Czech-English Montessori education
including montessori materials

+ Meal Plan (lunch, morning & afternoon snack): app 3 000 CZK / month
+ After-School Clubs (variety of choices - sports, art, crafts): 1 500 - 4 500 CZK / semester per 1 activity
+ School Week Trips (school in nature, swimming and ski courses): 5 000 - 6 000 CZK / event

Come to see us

Our school is open to children and parents. Every year the school organizes OPEN DOOR DAYS. It is also possible to make an appointment to come and see us teach.


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