The after-school club is intended mainly for children from the first grade and operates every day (except in exceptional cases) after school until 6 pm.

First and foremost our goal is to make the after-school center (or družina as we call it alsi in "English") a pleasant place for children. A place where we facilitate their self-organised play, inspire them with interesting activities and fun games and some spice like sleepovers, parties and trips. The children may develop a wide range of skills in Družina. We help them overcome the challenges of socialising, being respectful and helpful and taking care of the surroundings. We also want the after-school club to be a place where the teachers have fun with the children and the parents feel welcome and being listened to.

The team will do its utmost to ensure that your child has a great time and will be finding friends and learning new things whilst in our care. And we are smart enough to understand that we also learn from the children - every day! :)


How and where we spend our time

Children from all classes spend time together, meaning that they get to spend the afternoon with friends with similar interests. At least a part of the afternoon is always spent outside in all seasons, except for extreme or unsuitable weather and air conditions. The Children can choose between their own ideas for activities and organized activities and sports. The aim is to spend free time in joy, mutual respect and of course safely.

School garden

First and foremost out wonderful school garden where we spend time every day. In the garden we have two great ball fields, great places for football, basketball and floorball, gymnastics and other sports activities. The garden has several climbing structures, tree stumps, monkey bars, slackline and a slide for active fun. Sandboxes, a mud kitchen, trees to climb and several free play areas are also popular. The Wild West at the end of the garden is where we build huts, make fires, roast sausages and apples. Finally, we have two covered areas with benches and tables, these are used for all kinds of art activities. Benches are spread all over the garden so the children can find a place for a quiet chat, reading a book etc.

Indoor Družina

There are three rooms for družina activities in the school.The favourite activities of the children are f.e. puzzles, desktop games and reading. The Playroom is the place for organized activities like building with our popular kaple-bricks, playing with cars, lego and dolls. It also acts as an art and music workshop.

In the 2023/2024 school year, the school will open a new gym, where children will play indoor sports activities during their after-school program.

Special events throughout the school year

  • Family Welcome Picnic All school event
  • Peace Day activities
  • Halloween
  • Community workdays in the Garden with the parents
  • The Day of Christmas Magic
  • Upper and lower El sleepovers
  • Carnival
  • Theatre
  • Witch Burning Bonfire day
  • Father’s and Mother’s day workshops and sleepovers with parents
  • Garden Party Activities
  • Sleepover for 5th graders

Cooperation with the parents

The most important point of cooperation with the parents is of course around the children. In Družina we have the privilege of meeting our parents almost daily. And we use this for communication around the children's well-being and daily life. 

We are also happy to provide you with a cup of tea or coffee in a sunny spot if your offspring needs to play just a little bit longer. Wi-fi is also available. Should you need a more in-depth consultation we will be happy to arrange this as soon as possible.