Duhovka considers the development of children as an interactive and enriching process involving the children themselves, their families and the school. The family has an irreplaceable role in the learning process and parents are the first and most important teachers of their children. We see cooperation with parents as a dialogue focused on the needs of the child and welcome the active involvement of parents in the life of the school.

Parents' Association

A Parents' Association has been formed to support the activities of the school. Any parent can become a member and is invited and welcome to participate in the activities of the association in their own way. All activities of the association are in line with Montessori pedagogy. The basic principles of the association are cooperation, participation and networking to help create a strong and active school community. The Association offers a positive, open environment for every parent.

Each class is ideally represented by two class parents, and every parent in the class is invited to participate in their activities. Class parents are responsible for other communication with parents in their class. Parents who have the interest and opportunity work with the school to organise leisure and cultural activities for the children and support the school by getting involved in practical topics.