Special education support for children and related counseling services for parents and teachers are provided by an experienced special-education specialist. She is available to children, teachers, and parents throughout the week (by appointment). The main role of the school special educator is to support children with special educational needs. If specific symptoms of learning or behavioral disorders are detected, parents are informed about the possibility of a more detailed diagnosis in the pedagogical-psychological counseling center. Even if the parents do not use this possibility, we work with the child so that his/her educational needs are met to the maximum extent possible (i.e., external diagnostics are not necessary to support the child individually). However, if the counseling center confirms, for example, specific developmental learning disabilities (e.g., dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia), the pupil is usually placed in the care of a special educator and provided with extra hours of special support (usually once a week).

The special educator also provides consultation and professional support to parents, teachers, and school management. She is the professional guarantor of the work of teachers’ assistants who work with concrete children with special educational needs.