Elementary school

Principles of teaching


We divide children into two stages according to their developmental periods. The lower elementary level is for children aged 6 - 9 years. The upper elementary classes are for children aged 9 - 11 years. This creates mixed-age classes in grades 1-3 and grades 4-5, which is one of the basic principles of Montessori pedagogy. This makes the environment inspiring and motivating for the children, who are engaged in the topics and often do not even know they are learning.

The foundation of every classroom is a prepared environment that offers children thoughtfully designed materials and activities for each age and subject. Through these materials, children move from concrete concepts to abstraction, from the simplest to the most complex through hands-on learning. Teachers introduce children to materials according to their level and readiness, and children then work with these materials to discover further knowledge on their own.

In each class, which usually has 20-24 children, there is one Czech and one English teacher and, where appropriate, an assistant throughout the lesson. The children find intrinsic motivation to learn, which reinforces their lifelong interest in learning. The children move freely and cooperate in the classroom. They work in uninterrupted blocks, called Montessori cycles, in which they plan and manage their work in collaboration with their guides.

Our teachers


Elementary Program - Grades 1-5

2024/2025 Program for Grades 1 - 5

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Prague 6 - Brevnov
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Monday - Friday: 8.30 am - 6 pm
including Czech-English Montessori education
including the After-School Center (until  6.00 pm)

+ Meal Plan (lunch, morning & afternoon snack): app 3 000 CZK / month
+ After-School Clubs (variety of choices - sports, art, crafts): 1 500 - 4 500 CZK / semester per 1 activity
+ School Week Trips (school in nature, swimming and ski courses): 5 000 - 6 000 CZK / event

Come to see us


Our school is open to children and parents. Every year the school organizes OPEN DOOR DAYS. It is also possible to make an appointment to come and see us teach.


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