There is always something going on at Duhovka Elementary School. On this page you will find current invitations, information about what is happening at our school and about what we are planning with the children, as well as snippets from events and trips.
We cordially invite you and all friends of Duhovka to a BENEFICIAL EVENT in support of our new gym, art studio and lab for Duhovka Elementary.
On Wednesday, November 2, at 5 p.m., parents and school representatives will meet in the school cafeteria to address the topic of creating and supporting a school community, its optimal setting and function, the role and purpose of the PTA in the life of the school and the development of civic competences.
The summer of 2022 witnessed the beginning of a major expansion of the school to provide the Elementary and Middle schools the inspirational and spacious room they deserve. An entire new floor will be built, providing homerooms for the Middle School, a new base for teachers and a large study room with a library.
We would like to thank our parents for the amazing support they provided in the past days during the humanitarian collection for the organization Team 4 Ukraine. With their help, we managed to collect a huge amount of supplies for small children and babies. These supplies were handed over to the CIMIC (Civil Military Cooperation) team.
As part of the working day for teachers, an interactive seminar focused on the teaching of first-time reading and the concept of teaching virtues took place in Duhovka on Friday, September 30. The teachers got acquainted with a whole range of new aids and the methodology of their use.
The first month of our school year is over. This year, we started a little later on September 5. A major renovation of the school began over the summer, which should bring us an extra floor and hopefully a new gym in a year's time.
Because of the big building project starting this year, we closed the school a week earlier, and only Druzina was open for the final four days of the school year. We organised the four days as trips outside the school. Running the Druzina these days from 8:30-15:00 children and teachers were ready for adventure.
What did this year's garden festival look like? Like every year - lots of sunshine (thankfully!), fun, food & drink, games, friends and our dears. We all enjoyed a fun afternoon - children, parents, teachers and everyone else who creates Duhovka with us. We want to say you bye with a short garden party video, wish you a wonderful holiday…
The talent show is the event where the Druzina children can enter the stage and show their talents to schoolmates, parents,  teachers and whoever else is around on the day. It is a festive day for all and an opportunity to meet in the school garden.