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Czech-English Montessori Elementary School in Prague

Duhovka Elementary is an international Czech-English Montessori school in Prague 6 for children from 6 to 15 years. We create an environment which corresponds to their developmental needs where they feel respected and loved. Children learn to be independent, responsible and have an active approach to life.

We believe that the best way to prepare children for the future is to teach them to think in context and look for their own solutions. In each class, children are accompanied on their journey of discovery by one Czech and one native English speaker.

How we work

Montessori education

The Montessori method is based on children learning through their own experience, which they gain while working with available materials. Children get to understand topics in depth, as they have the opportunity to study them at their own pace. This leads to life-long enthusiasm for learning.

Czech-English education

We create a Czech-English bilingual environment for children where it is natural for them to communicate using both languages. Children first learn the language passively and then use it to communicate with teachers and peers while working in class as well as during their daily activities.

Our programs

Elementary School
Grade 1 - 5

The foundation of each class is the prepared environment, which offers children well-designed materials and activities for each age group and subject. There are mixed-age classes where children learn from each other. Sometimes, they are the leader, sometimes the one who follows. They share and become guides to their peers, which leads to cooperation and better understanding of mutual differences.

Middle School
Grades 6 - 9

Children deepen their social and communication skills in mixed-age classes. They work on projects that combine knowledge of various subjects and develop their analytic thinking skills. Gradually, they progress towards abstract concepts and their application in practice, which supports a responsibility for their own learning, independence and team collaboration.

Why enroll your child with us

  • Native-speaking English and Czech teachers
  • Montessori accredited teachers with 3-years practical training and AMS certification
  • The teacher acts as a guide in class and supports the child’s individuality
  • The Czech-English environment enhances the international atmosphere at our school
  • Afternoon activities in the After-School Center and a wide choice of Afternoon Clubs available to children
  • Healthy and varied meals including a morning and afternoon snack
  • Educational seminars for parents that allow them to peek under the cover of Montessori pedagogy and the psychological development of their children

News from Duhovka Elementary

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