We invite all parents who are interested in Duhovka Elementary School and think of it as a potential school for their children, to a meeting with the management and founders of the school.

This meeting is held every year in the period before admission into first grade. Its purpose is to:

  • Answer questions about Duhovka ́s concept of education and school operation.
  • Provide information that would help interested parents discern whether Duhovka is the correct choice for their children’s schooling.
  • At the meeting a first-grade teacher will be present to answer specific questions pertaining to the day-to-day in a Duhovka elementary classroom in addition to sharing practical information about academies in Montessori.

The meeting will be held at Duhovka Elementary School on Monday, February 13, 2023 at 5.00 pm in the school cafeteria.

Looking forward to see you and we would like to ask you to register via the registration form:


Jindřich Kitzberger, director and Ivana a Tomáš Janečkovi, founders