Because of the big building project starting this year, we closed the school a week earlier, and only Druzina was open for the final four days of the school year.

We organised the four days as trips outside the school. Running the Druzina these days from 8:30-15:00 children and teachers were ready for adventure.

Monday we went to the National Museum. Children were guided through different parts of the exhibition by two of our teachers, Petra and Viki, who also happen to be guides at the museum.

Afterwards we had lunch in the Sun outside. A fine first day.

Tuesday was all about dinosaurs, the museum in POP outlet had prepared an interesting guided tour for us. We learned a lot and were impressed by the size of the dinosaurs on display. Then we had time to explore the exhibition which has a lot of interactive features.

Wednesday we travelled from Masarykovo nádraží to a wonderful place called Mirakulum. 

We were a bit worried about the weather in the morning, but the weather gods were with us and we had a great time there also with a nice lunch in their cafeteria. After a day that was almost too short, we came back to Druzina in high spirit. 

After Wednesday's trip, the children made such a good publicity for Družina among their classmates that on Thursday a lot of unregistered children joined us on the last day :-) Thursday, the final day, we spent in Hladkov, where we played with the water system and climbed their climbing structures and generally had a good time. We finished the day at the local ice cream paradise, Angelato.

Four (great) Final Days were over and the summer holiday started...