On Wednesday, November 2, at 5 p.m., parents and school representatives will meet in the school cafeteria to address the topic of creating and supporting a school community, its optimal setting and function, the role and purpose of the PTA in the life of the school and the development of civic competences of all the partners involved. Together these elements fulfill the concept of the open school.

The Parents' Association is the co-organizer of the event and we would like to focus on the following topics:

  • The overall concept of cooperation between the school and parents including the tools of this cooperation
  • Introducing all parents to the activities of the Parents' Association and its representatives (it would be ideal for the class parents of all classes to also attend)
  • How parents may get involved in the Parents' Association and how they can support the school
  • How the PTA should work in the future (workshop for all)
  • What parents need from the school to make the cooperation match their expectations and what the school expects from parents
  • The principles of an open school and the creation and promotion of a multicultural school environment

The school management and the Parents' Association invite all those who either want to participate in any form of cooperation with the school, in the activities of the association, or would like to receive detailed information in this area or would be willing to think together with us about how to improve cooperation in the future.