The summer of 2022 witnessed the beginning of a major expansion of the school to provide the Elementary and Middle schools the inspirational and spacious room they deserve. An entire new floor will be built, providing homerooms for the Middle School, a new base for teachers and a large study room with a library. Other areas will be gradually renovated, especially the after school center and IT enthusiasts will certainly love a new IT room.

As a part of the project, we’re realizing our long-time dream of providing the children with our own gym. Its roof will house a spacious multi-purpose classroom serving as an art studio and a science laboratory for chemistry, biology and physics. Building both the new floor and the gym together is beyond Duhovka’s financial means by 43 mil. CZK, so we’ve decided to reach out to our supporters to help us with the project.

Visit our new website and find out more.


Gym & Art Studio 2023

Many thanks to all of our supporters! ❤

Yours Duhovka