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Admissions Process

Duhovka Elementary Admissions Process and Enrollment Requirements for School Year 2021/2022

Admission of Children to Grade 1.

Dear applicants,


We would like to invite you to a meeting on the occasion of the OPEN DAYS and we apologize that in the current situation (due to the certain restrictions) we can offer you only the online version of the day. We hope that through our second term on February 25, 2021, you and your family will visit us in person.


On November 26th, 2020 we offer you the following options:

Group online meetings with the management and the owner of the school, which will be possible to join in the following:

Nov 26th from 9 AM here

Nov 26th from 1 PM here

Nov 26th from 4.30 PM here 


Group online meeting with the Parents' Association of our school, which will be possible to join in the following:

Nov 26th from 10 AM here

Nov 26th from 2 PM here

Nov 26th from 5.30 PM here


You can sign up for an individual 20-minute session with one of the management members of the Duhovka Elementary School here.

Check-in is possible until Nov,25th by 4 PM. After logging in, you will receive an email with an online invitation. Please don't forget to include your email.


  1. Another opportunity is prospective parents meeting with the owners and the school director: January 7, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. At this meeting, you will find out more about the philosophy and the concept of our school, our educational services and style of work, specific requirements, etc. 

  2. From November 26, 2020 on, the Application Form can be submitted at any point in time. The application is a key document for a child to be registered and invited to the Enrollment. The Enrollment in the First Grade is held on April 7 and 8, 2021 from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. (in case of a high number of parents interested that would exceed the allotted time in the morning, meetings will be held in the afternoon as well). All registered children will be divided into small groups (5-10) and invited to come to school at a specific time. During an approx. 60-minute-long session with our teachers, the child will be assessed in terms of his or her school readiness and basic skills. Should the teachers register any significant manifestations of school unreadiness, they will recommend examination at a pedagogical and psychological counseling center on the basis of which the child’s start of the compulsory school attendance can be postponed.

    With regard to the epidemiological situation and government measures, changes may occur in the organization of enrollment in the following criteria, about which we will inform on the school's website and we will also inform registered candidates directly.

  3. The decision about a child’s admission to compulsory school attendance in Duhovka Elementary will be based on the following admission criteria:

a) Prior experience with Duhovka Preschool (this criteria is only considered if parents turn in the application by January 31, 2021 at the latest and the child has 
been attending the Preschool for the minimum of 12 months prior to the Enrollment). The number of points gained by the prior attendance of Duhovka Preschool will directly correlate with the period of time spent there. 

b) The suitability of the school educational program, or the Montessori bilingual concept of the school, for the child (verification within the enrollment or - if the child does not participate in the enrollment for any reason - at any time before it on the basis of an individual agreement, and an individual interview with parents).


c) Bilingual children who have mastered Czech and English language on a native speaker level or at least on such a level that they are able to communicate with native speakers fluently and spontaneously without any special efforts on either side.


d) Siblings of children attending any Duhovka school.


e) An individual meeting of the child’s parents with the school director and one of the owners of the school. The purpose of the interview is to make sure that the educational services that our school offers are identical with the parents’ requirements, i.e. that the parent accepts and is interested in what the school offers; and also the suitability of the school program for the child. The meeting will take place before the date of Enrollment.


f) Signature of the contract for provision of educational services between the school and the child’s legal guardian within 30 days of having received the proposal of acceptance from the school director via email (signature of the contract is a condition of the child’s acceptance)

Parents will receive the result of the admission process in the form of a proposal of acceptance or a decision not to admit a child within 5 working days after the Enrollment via email. At the same time, the results are published on the school’s website (under the children’s number codes). The admission decision will be issued when the contract is signed, 30 days after the Enrollment at the latest. The decision not to admit a child is hand delivered by post to the legal guardians.


Should there be any spots left or become available later on, parents whose child placed next in the order of applicants will be contacted with regard to a proposal of acceptance immediately.


You can download the application HERE, you can edit the downloaded application on the computer.


Admission of Children to Grade 2 -5

The admissions process to an upper grade begins at a time when a space becomes available in a class. This is mostly the case at the end of the school year, or in the mid-term. Since the school is currently full at capacity, the admission of children during the school year is very exceptional.

Those applying for admission of the child to an upper grade submit their applications any time during the year (however, for the next school year not earlier than mid-November of the previous year). By filing the application the child is ranked on the waiting list. The rank affects the admission only partially, another criterion is the result of the test school stay, which the child must undergo usually for the period of one week. The test school stay is agreed upon by the school and the parents at a time when a space becomes available. The purpose of the test school stay is to check whether our form of education is suitable for the child, while also checking their basic English skills and their ability to communicate correspondingly to the respective year (the upper the year, the more important the ability to communicate with the English teacher for the overall mastery of the subject). The last condition for the admission of the child is a personal meeting of both parents with representatives of the school management.

Admission to an upper grade is usually a transfer from an elementary school (be that a child attending school in our country or abroad). As regards the elementary school in the Czech Republic, the parents will inform it about the transfer only in the case of the admission of the child to Duhovka. Documentation concerning the child shall be sent by the current school to the new school based on an official request by us confirming that the child has really started attending our school.

You can download the application HERE, you can edit the downloaded application on the computer.


Admission of Children to Grade 6

The admissions process to Grade 6 takes place if spaces become available after 5th graders have left school (usually to go to eight-year high schools). The number of available spaces will be announced by the school director not later than May 31 and at the same time parents of the children who applied for admission will be informed about the organization of the admissions process.

Those interested in having their child admitted to Grade 6 submit applications for admission any time during the year (however, for admissions for the following school year no sooner than Mid-November of the previous year). The date of the submission of the application is not relevant in this case.

The following criteria will apply for the admissions process:

  1. Assessment of the child during a one-day test stay - the assessment will include academic (Czech, English, mathematics tests) as well as social skills of the child necessary for the study in the Montessori bilingual school.  When assessing the knowledge of the Czech language, the child’s long-term stay abroad, if any, and their different mother tongue shall be taken into account.
  2. A previous attendance of a Montessori school
  3. Bilingual children who speak Czech and English at the native speaker level or at least at such a level enabling them to communicate fluently and spontaneously with native speakers without much effort on both sides.
  4. Siblings of children attending any Duhovka school.
  5. An individual meeting with the parents of the child, usually attended by the school director and one of the school founders. The aim of this interview is to clarify whether the educational offer of the school is identical to parents' expectations, i.e. that the parent accepts and is interested in what our school offers. The meeting will take place before the enrolment date. (The precondition for the admission of the child is merely the fact that the meeting is held, its course and results will have no effect on admission.)

You can download the application HERE, you can edit the downloaded application on the computer.



The Duhovka Education System offers a possibility to apply for a scholarship. The scholarship may contribute towards the tuition as well as towards other fees.  Below, please find more informationa and also scholarship application.
Scholarship application, please, send to email

Scholarship Approval Process here
Scholarship application here

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