After-school center

Do you also remember the after-school club from your childhood, where you didn't want to go after school and the highlight of the teacher's concern was whether you ate "at least the meat" for lunch? At Duhovka we do things differently and create an inspiring environment for your children where they don't want to leave. That's not the only reason why we have created a zone for parents who have come to pick up their kids that still "have to" play for a while...

Our goal is to make the after-school center a pleasant place for children to develop a wide range of skills. In addition to various games, competitions, art and creative workshops, our programme is enriched throughout the year by special events, celebrations, carnivals, sleepovers and trips. We are happy to involve parents in selected activities. All with an emphasis on individuality, care, safety and mutual respect.

Our team consists of Czech and English-speaking teachers and educators.