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School Events



International Day of Peace Sept 21st

September 21st is the day of the International Day of Peace. We all met in the Common Room, lit a candle, and all children sang together with their teachers the song “Light a Candle for Peace“ accompanied by the guitar. Míša with Judy then asked the children what Peace means to them, when they feel peaceful and what cheers them up when they do not succeed in something. All children took an active part in the celebration – not only with their prepared projects, but also with a very lively discussion. 

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We’re discovering Brasilia!

Children who are studying the South America at the moment have seen a live performance of Capoiera today! This Brasilian martial art was shown and taught to the children by a native Brazilian Sazuki who came to our school with his two friends. All the children were thrilled!

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Dílna na Zahradní slavnost

The Story of the Wooden Stick (how Czechs kept gaining and losing their freedom)

On the occasion of the celebration of the "Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day" - which commemorates the events of November 17th, 1989 - the children and the teachers from the Purple class prepared and performed a wonderful story during the monthly school gathering. The heroes of this story were freedom and a wooden stick

At the beginning, to create the right atmosphere, we all sang together a series of poems (by Z. Kriebel, K. Šiktanc, etc.) which were collected and set to music under the heading "November". Then, the first act took us back in time to the Stone Age, and we could have a look at how it might have looked like when an early man “proposed” to a woman. After that, we moved on to the era of the Slavic tribes and their arrival to Central Europe, and were told a story of the legendary Forefather Czech and his arrival to the mountain Říp, where he decided to settle down with his tribe, while his somewhat deaf brother Lech kept walking till he reached today’s Poland as he hadn’t heard his brother Czech saying that he had decided to stay.

And before entering the 80’s and the "digital era" (in which wooden sticks were not used any longer, but they had become part of digital devices in the form of a small I), we spoke about the situation in former Czechoslovakia in 1968. The whole story then climaxed with Jaroslav Hutka’s song “Náměšť” which we all sang together, and with the scene of the November 1989 events - when young people were shouting "We have sticks in your hands" - or actually "We have bare hands” - which led to the Velvet Revolution and set an example to the whole world. The revolution brought with it democratic principles and also a new thing that we all have been trying to learn to cope with since then. This new thing is freedom (as today’s wooden sticks which limit our freedom are hidden… for example in our digital watches).

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Download: Wood-stick story_english.docx


Swimming Course in Nymburk

Every year 1st -3rd graders go at at the swimming course in Nymburk. Lower children  had swimming lessons with professional swimming instructors twice a day. During their free time, there was an option to use some other sport facilities or just to take a nature walk along the river Labe. On Wednesday we had visitors from Prague planetarium. They came with their program called "Astrobus" which contains a lecture and a night sky observation. We are already looking forward to our next year's swimming.

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