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Our “Montessori Garden” project is a logical continuation of the process that began as early as our first Montessori class was opened 9 years ago.

The environment, in which children spend most of the day, is of the utmost importance for successful education. We started with the interior, today we are proud that every day children are in an inspiring and pleasant environment supporting the application of the Montessori method of learning.

Last year we began, in a more systematic manner, to direct our attention towards our outdoor space, the garden. Children spend a lot of time there as well, they are in the garden every day only with the exception of really bad weather. Also teachers would like to use the outdoor space for instructions more often. That is why more than a year ago we started to prepare plans in terms of combining school aims and objectives with outdoor instructions.

But in order to use our garden in line with the Montessori concept, for instructions as well as for activities in the after-school center in the afternoon, we also need a "Montessori garden"!

In case of questions please contact School director Jindřich Kitzberger at  220 303 821 or

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