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Our Team


The school management team consists of the Director and his two Deputies. The three members of the team work together on directing the school towards a common goal: to live up to the Duhovka Values and follow the Montessori Philosophy. Each member of the administration contributes to this work with his/her unique insights, teaching and managerial experience, strengths, and gained knowledge and skills. The team also strives for establishing such a managerial environment that meets and follows the principles that all of us in Duhovka want to share and live.

An associate member of the management team is the Head of the After-School Center (see the section on After-School Center and Clubs) whose major task is to implement the above-mentioned principles in the “after-school” environment, that is to make them part of children’s after-school activities.  At the same time, the Head participates in solving many other different issues, especially those that contribute to strengthening the links between the school and the After-School Center.  


Jindřich Kitzberger

School Director

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Michaela Paulová

Deputy Director

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Judith Luman

Deputy Director – Methodologist

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