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Our Team


After-School Center

Even in such a wide collective and specific environment as is the Czech Družina our staff members try to do their best to follow the Montessori method and march to the beat of the whole school.

They know how to encourage the children to work with materials found in their surroundings and to learn and discover things in context. They respect the child's personality and his/her own development path; they meet the children's needs and listen to their soul. By means of various group activities they help cultivate the students’ social conscience in the great school of Life and together with the children celebrate small and great strides on their personal path of grow.

Družina is attractive thanks to its openness – just right when you walk through the Družina entrance into its center you can feel like home and taken care of. Every child is personally delivered to the parent and we also allow the parents to observe their children in action :).

All Družina teachers have gone through the Montessori training and continue working on their further qualification.


Peter Lauritzen

Head of After-School Center

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Nelly Kalinová

Deputy Head of After school center

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Michael Preston Lluesma

After-School Center Teacher

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Anna Horáková

After-School Center Teacher


Viktorie Rozmanová

After-School Center Teacher


Lenka Adámková

After-School Center Teacher


Petra Šuková

After-School Center Teacher

Eliška Kvíčalová

After-School Center Teacher

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