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Our Services




12 pm – 6 pm


formally 6 groups, although children from all groups have the opportunity to take part in common activities and get together according to their interests


Divided for Lower and Upper Elementary - a combination of organized and free activities


several play areas, gym, outdoor garden


2 native English speakers and five Czech teachers and half time teacher



  • Children go to the after-school centre straight after lunch or after classes. Parents can pick them up until 6 pm.
  • Children from all classes spend time together, meaning that they get to spend the afternoon with friends with similar interests.
  • Each week two of the teachers are the designated EYES who take care of the hub of the after-school centre (in the centre of the garden while outside or in the Belly while inside) and look after the smooth operation of all activities. Other adults/teachers act as PLAYERS and coordinate activities in each group.
  • Lecturers from interest groups take children in an out of the after-school centre at specified times.
  • Snacks are prepared for a given time in the afternoon, drinks are always available.
  • To make the most of the after-school centre it is recommended to have the following equipment: clothes for the outdoors, indoor trainers, clothes for art activities, sunglasses and hat, swimwear and towel for water games, insulated pants and waterproof gloves for playing in the snow and sledding….
  • At least a part of the afternoon is always spent outside no matter the season, with the exception of extreme or unsuitable weather and air conditions. It is crucial that chidren have the right clothing.
  • During September all children learn the Ten Commandments of the after-school centre and receive a copy to take home.
  • Should a child feel unwell, we always contact the parents or guardians immediately.
  • At the end of each day all lost & found items are brought to the changing rooms. Unclaimed items are donated to charities.
  • Entrance to the after-school centre: through a labelled eastern entrance to the garden (you need the code), if the groups are inside, follow the signs to the Belly.
  • To sign up parents fill out a form to register as persons responsible for picking up children, valid for the entire school year. The information can be updated at any time in written form in the pupils’ notebooks (the message must include full name or names, date and signature of the parent or guardian).

To inform the after-school centre about extraordinary events (e.g. a pupil will not be going to a club, should not take part in sports etc.) please contact the after-school club:

  • by e-mail until 12 pm at [javascript protected email]
  • by telephone betwen 12 pm and 6 pm at 734 860 552 (for Lower El.) and 605 224 057 (for Upper El.)
  • via a written message in the pupil’s notebook


  • Children may choose between their own ideas for activities and organized activities and sports. The aim is to spend free time in joy, mutual respect and of course safely.
  • Current program is published on the central bulletin board. Both children and parents will be informed about upcoming special events in advance.
  • The Belly is a favourite for puzzles and desktop games.
  • The Playroom is a place for organized activities and also acts as an art and music workshop.
  • The Net room is a neutral ground for physical activities and relaxation with wall bars, hammocks, mirrors and ropes.
  • The Gym is a place for ball games, agility activities, group motion activities etc.
  • The Garden has a sandpit, see-saws, monkey bars and a trampoline and it is the ideal place for outdoor sports all year long.

Traditional after-school centre events throughout the school year:

  • September Ten Commandments
  • Autumn Olympics
  • Christmas Workshop
  • New Year Project
  • Carnival
  • Beauty Days
  • Easter Workshop
  • Wizard Bonfire
  • Children’s Sweet Day
  • Garden Party Workshop




School in Nature – June

The overarching theme of our week-long trip to Krkonoše Mountains was the “Rübezahl” – in Czech Krakonoš. Every morning the children could choose a station – Sports Field, Workshop, Playground, Extra – and participate in the program offered. We made rattles, a cane for the King of the Mountains and large Krakonoš’s collage; we painted pebbles, made mosaics, built houses for gnomes or filled-in animal crosswords and colored picture books. We played Trautenberk’s Soup and Krakonoš’s Treatment, hunted for flags, trained survival in the wilderness, built sheds, shot arrows with a bow, searched for mountain treasure and acted out some fairytales. In addition to all this, the children could enjoy the standard Družina services – team games, sports, games with ropes…

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Garden Party Workshop – June

As part of the preparations for the Saturday’s big event we made the scenery, drew posters and cleaned and decorated the garden. We look forward to using the Premysl Otakar II Square as a permanent decoration in our Družina space. To the wonderful summery picnic atmosphere also contributed the Friday’s open-air Disco party with our former graduate DJ Pája :). 

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Children’s Day – Friday May 30th

It was actually a pre-celebration but we just couldn’t miss out on this occasion :). We played Lolly on a Thread, On Strongmen and Name Game. The children could enjoy the Dance corner…. 

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Soccer Tournament – May/June

Various mixed teams competed on the pitch even despite the bad weather. The match between the Dragons, Sparta and 100% took place in a cheerful and peaceful atmosphere and to the joy and satisfaction of everybody involved – the players as well as the fans.

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Astrological Cabinets

Next stage of Družina cultivation and renovation – we did away with the last white cabinets within our reach :) There are the Moon phases looking down at us from the top and the whole astrological cycle was created at the bottom. And again we learn more and more English.

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Flower Boxes - May

This spring season we seem to be quite obsessed with taking care of our garden and so we’re coming up with many innovative and decorative ideas right on the go. One of such novelties is the unusual flower boxes at the Družina garden entrance. 

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The Mother’s Day - May 

Little Workshops to please all moms….

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A Week of Horror - April

Searching with your bare hand in a bottle full of “filth”, weaving your way through a spider’s web, throwing away your fear into the Chalice of Fear, flying a broomstick, feeding your belly up with a Sweet mash or sitting by the Witches fire… this year we spent a bit more days celebrating the Czech tradition of The Burning of the Witches and enjoyed it pretty much.   

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The Earth Day  April 22nd

Družina followed up the school-wide celebration of the day with lovingly tending the garden: together with the children we did some gardening, sowing and planting. We set up a Družina’s flower bed and planted a new willow tree house for the children. Now we just need to wait few more years for the house to grow :).

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Easter Workshop - April 

Traditional spring workshop – this time with making of willow wreaths and Easter whips and playing Easter roulette with Czech superstitions or Danish traditional game, and many more.

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April Threading  April 1st

To mark the April Fools’ Day we enjoyed a special athletic track in or garden – spinning, threading, jumping, drawing lots from a hat… 

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Spring Celebration   March 21st

We welcomed spring by newly equipping and furnishing the garden shed. Then we brushed up on the Garden Rules and spent a week cleaning up the entire garden with the help of all classes. What a hard work that was!   

To liven the school garden up we also put outside the garden tables and benches, set up the trampoline and hang out the hammocks. The little hut in the Wilderness was repaired and as a gift we got the long desired stumps to sit on. The novelty of this year then is a newly made play area with curtains. After the big clean up we got busy with re-painting and so we can play hopscotch or ball games such as the Square or the Kingdom and measure the stilt road again. 

When the weather allows, Družina spends more time outside in the garden and organizes little workshops – the children sow seeds, paint, thread beads… We jump rubber band, practice the slacklining and are having good time…

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Fair – end of March

As a culmination of the three-month-long game during which the children were discovering the beauties of Bohemia and its rich history, the children could visit a traditional fair with various attractive stands such as SKILLFUL HANDS – arts & crafts made by the children; YUMYUM with yummies or BIG OOOOH with some small rewards and treats. Everybody was shopping like crazy and the air smelt of bath salt and gingerbread.  

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Carnival  March

As part of the three-month-long game “Bohemia, the Beauty, Bohemia, my Home” Družina organized a Carnival for Famous Czech personalities which took place on March the 7th.

Since lunch, various Czech personalities such as Grandfather Knowitall (děd Vševěd), the fairy Amalka, Bear Kulička, Klapzuba’s Boys as well as Božena Němcová or Bolek Polívka etc. started to gather in Družina. We also witnessed some family reunions: Charles IV. met with his father John Luxembourg and wife Elise, Prince Bruncvik got together with the lion and his beautiful princess, and there was also a small gathering of John Žižkas :).

The visitors had fun playing various sweet traditional Carnival games and to add some more groshen to their baskets as part of the winter game they could join some unusual activities such as the Realignment of Žižka’s troops, Golem’s Blowing game, Rübezahl’s (Krakonoš) blowout, Fishing with the Queen Koloběžka I., and First-republic dance with Adina Mandlova.      

We could also enjoy an all-time party hit – a “Coctail Bar” with fruity delights. 

We voted for the most popular costumes, were dancing like devils, the balloons were popping, and hundreds of pictures were being taken. And so not only will these memories remain in our minds, but also in our on-line photo gallery :).

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Winter Project “Bohemia, the Beauty; Bohemia, My Home”

On January the 6th, we started with a game called Čechy krásné, Čechy mé (Bohemia, the beauty; Bohemia, my home). Every day, children have the opportunity to try and participate in activities related to this theme and gain groschen for their house. Part of the game was also a Carnival of Famous Czech Personalities (rulers, inventors, artists, legendary characters, etc.) which took place on Friday March the 7th. The whole game will climax on Friday March the 28th with a fair where children will trade with each other, and hopefully gather not only some little arts and crafts, but also a lot of rewarding and inspiring experience to take home. 

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Christmas Workshop - December 2013

Traditional handcrafting of Christmas gifts and decorations.

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African Cabinets – November/December 2013

As part of settling into new Družina spaces, we got busy with decorating any free area we could possibly find.  And so, thanks to the little artists, all walls and boards as well as doors and cabinets came one by one to life. This time, the most popular activity turned out to be waxing the African cabinets in the Hideaway.  In the future it will be thus very easy to tell apart the cabinets of each Družina teacher according to the pictures depicting them as various African characters. As the head of the project, I am very much looking forward to my musical beauty Uku-lele :) - Píšťalka

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The Hut - Fall 2013

For those who love less culturalized nature, we’ve built – with the help of our janitor Filip – a little nest for kids to play.  We call it "Chýše U Chřestýše" ("The Hut by the Rattlesnake)". And there’s much more to come in the spring.

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Beauty Week - November 2013

A time of systematic as well as unsystematic facial and hair decoration. This time, we spent with this activity the whole week and used not only make-up, but also face paints, and children could enjoy a jewelry and scent corner… 

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Autumn Olympics - October 2013

In October, all children participated in the Družina Olympics - an uninterrupted cycle of various sport events comprising all possible as well as totally impossible disciplines :). Our goal was not to compete, but to enjoy common growth, to taste as many movement activities as possible, to learn to cheer for and support the others, and to have fun with even less traditional games. At the end, we celebrated all our individual and group successes with a campfire where children roasted sausages, toasts, apples… all served or brought from home.

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Mediterranean Project - September 2013

With joy and pleasure we renovated our garden entrance according to the plans from the end of the last school year. The Mediterranean theme made us feel like being still on summer holiday and we made a great use of long afternoons in the garden. We hope it pleases your eyes too. And maybe one day there will be also a sandy beach and you will walk into Družina barefoot with a coconut drink in your hand :).

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The Operation Ten Golden Rules

During September all children revised and brushed up on the Družina rules – uf uf! At the end, they took their tests together with a copy of the Ten Golden Rules home.


“The Burning of the Witches” - April 2013

It all started with the several-day-long making of a giant witch, who was grinning at us in the garden and awaiting her time. With a ceremonial march we carried her away and the afternoon party by the campfire could start. We roasted lots of good food and were joined by the teachers in the evening hours.

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Easter Workshop - Spring 2013

Easter decoration for school and to take home. This year’s specialty were felted “Emans” :).

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Winter Project “The Natives” – from January to March 2013

Discovering different ethnic corners of the world and indigenous customs through games and arts & crafts.

Throughout the several thematic weeks the children “have visited" different corners of our planet, and even at different times. We’ve built the pyramids, made boomerangs, created prehistoric paintings on the walls, kneaded clay, made earrings, prepared tea in our Tearoom, jammed in the Music corner, and bartered in the “Junk shop”.  

A highly-expected event then was the Carnival with this year’s theme "Natives from all the corners of the world unite :)". We danced the “Head” as well as the “Back” dance, participated in an arm wrestling tournament, played games like “Eat the Cake”, “Cone Race”, “Pot Fishing”; “Island Jam” and “Tail Game”.   

As a final project, we built an African marketplace "souq" where the children traded the fished out “shells" for nuts and dried fruits, ethnic trinkets, wind chimes, wooden statuettes, feather earrings or woolen braids ... Everybody was also invited to a festive feast with sushi, could draw a Happy lot and visit an olfactory corner with precious oils and Arabic perfumes and incenses.

We finished the whole cycle by decorating the Memorial Hall next to the gym, which will remind us of the whole atmosphere of "going native".

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Cat Column – January 2013

The beginning of the year was also the beginning of painting and decorating the walls :). The winners of the “competition” were: 1 ball cat + 2 tree cats + 3 joined cats + 4 seasonal cats. The golden color shines bright and the cat column welcomes you right upon your arrival to Družina’s Navel.

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