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Duhovka Philosophy

Profile of the Duhovka‘s Graduate



Places thought above skills and knowledge, can think in context

  • Able to evaluate the relevance of all information gained.
  • Gradually adopts a unique personal way of thinking and develops it further.
  • Considers all things in a broader context.
  • Retains a fresh and open attitude towards new stimuli, broadens own horizons and pushes own limits.
  • Is interested in principles and logic and does not accept dogma or ideology; is willing to challenge their own thoughts.
  • Accepts mistakes as a natural part of the learning proces.
  • Always searches for a better solution, understanding that life evolves and information is ever changing.
  • Is ready to give up own ideas and solutions if others come up with an improvement.
  • Considers the development of critical analysis to have the highest priority, followed by skill levels and then by knowledge.

Understands education as a useful tool for grasping the world

  • Knows that the world of today is rapidly changing and it is in our best interest to adapt to such changes.
  • Understands that education is about knowing how to manage ourselves both inwardly and outwardly in life.
  • Perceives lifelong education not as a cliché, but rather, as the most efficient way in reaching our goals.
  • Feels that to keep improving and acquiring new skills and knowledge is natural and in harmony with what being human means at it’s highest potential.
  • With self- reflection, over time, discovers own special interests and fields of future expertise.

Believes in being the creator of own life and understands the world as a living organism, which is always developing.

  • Knows his or her goals and pursues them.
  • Accepts responsibility for all actions; realizing they are a part of a bigger whole.
  • Is independent, has original ideas and remains flexible.
  • Can admit not knowing.
  • Accepts the world as it is, realizing one can proactively make changes.
  • Understands self- reliance, knowing we have the capability to solve ones own issues with or without the help of others.
  • Reflects on and responds to the consequences of own actions.
  • Prefers actions to talking.Has fun discovering the world.

Is interested in self, others and life in its entire breadth and depth

  • Respects their own needs and considers the needs of others, finds ways to connect the two while remaining true to one’s self.
  • Realizes own self worth and that of others, and can identify it’s place in bigger world picture.
  • Understands that some things cannot be achieved alone and can gain support, while working within society.
  • Is inspired and enriched by the give and take of cooperating with others and taking part in projects.
  • Seeks creative solutions that not only serve own interest, but may be beneficial to others.
  • Respects and questions the set rules and principles; with understanding that we work within a system that is bigger than ourselves.
  • Knows own position in society, recognizing we are all part of a greater whole.
  • Appreciates other points of view as a healthy exchange of ideas.
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