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About the school

Duhovka Elementary School Fees 2019/2020

Montessori education
(Grades 1.-6.)

including the After-School
Center ( until  6.00 pm)

184,500 CZK

per year


Meal Plan


lunch, morning
& afternoon snack

approx. 2,000 CZK

per month


After-School Clubs


 variety of choices

1,500 – 3,000 CZK

per semester and one activity


School Week Trips


school in nature, swimming
twice a year

4,000 – 5,000 CZK

 per event


Tuition information and discounts:

The enrollment fee is 2.000 CZK / per child.

Sibling discount

In the case of enrollment of more than one child (a sibling) in Duhovka Education System, you will receive a 20.000 CZK discount per one academic year.


The Duhovka Education System offers a possibility to apply for a scholarship. The scholarship may contribute towards the tuition as well as towards other fees. For more information, please contact the school director.

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