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About the school


Duhovka Elementary Parent Association

The Duhovka Parents Association was created in 2017 with the aim to support cooperation of families and the school. Every parent at Duhovka Elementary can become a member of the Association and he/she is invited and welcomed to participate at activities organised by the Parents Association in his/her own way (according to one’s possibilities and abilities).

Each and every activity delivered by the Parent Association is in compliance with Montessori pedagogy. Main Goals of the Association: To build a strong parents community, Cooperative environment, Positive atmosphere, To be a “communication intermediator” between the parents and the school (including the after-school center).

Basic principles of the Association are COLLABORATION, CONTRIBUTION and CONNECTION which should facilitate the creation of a strong and active school community. The Association is a place where experience and findings about classes, school and the after-school center can be shared. It offers a positive and open environment for every parent.

The Association consists of at least two home room parents while every parent from any class is invited to participate in the activities. The home room parents are responsible for further communication with parents in their respective classes.

The Parental Association is headed by a team of 10 parents, led by Barbora Děcká.

Responsible person for of the Duhovka Elementary School is Michaela Paulova.

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