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About the school

Czech-English Education


The main aspect of Duhovka bilingual program is a natural contact of a child with a foreign language. We therefore aim to create a bilingual environment, where every child gets everyday experience with English. This aim is achieved most of all by the standard presence of two teachers in a class – Czech and English. Children are guided by both teachers through the whole teaching day, each of them works with them individually, meets them, helps them, is thinking with them. Both teachers work with them through the whole curriculum (except for language lessons of course, which are thought by the relevant teacher). Children can communicate during the whole day both with the Czech and English teacher, ask them questions, requests, tell them their experiences, talk to them, learn from them knowledge and skills or just listen to them. English teacher talks to children not only during lessons, of course, but also during snacks and lunches, at school trips and events outside of the school and at School in Nature and other occasions. By doing all this, English becomes gradually a natural part of their life, they are getting used to it as a mean of communication, they listen to the sound of a foreign language, learn not to be afraid of it, learn words first then whole sentences...


Children learn to handle daily situations in a foreign language and use it as a means of communication in natural rather than artificially modeled situations. In addition, they not only acquire new language skills that they “might use some time in the future”, but also those that they can employ immediately.    

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