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About the school



Welcome to the website of Duhovka Elementary. In 2010 the school has become a part of Duhovka, a Czech-English educational system providing complex and interconnected education for children from pre-school age to adulthood (1,5 – 19 years). All schools in the system are closely linked specifically to allow children smooth transitions to higher levels of education.

Duhovka offers Czech-English bilingual education based primarily on the methods of Maria Montessori while remaining open to other approaches and choosing what is suitable for any given age group and the needs of children.

Duhovka Elementary opened GRADE 6 in September 2019. We are school with mixed-age classes (years 1-3, 4-5 and 6-7) to facilitate the learning process and a more natural cohabitation of children. Classes have a maximum of 24 pupils with 2 Montessori qualified teachers – one Czech native speaker and one English native speaker.

We strive to create an appropriate environment for the natural development needs of children. Duhovka teaches children to be independent and aware of their responsibility for learning, creating and maintaining an active attitude towards life. Special emphasis is put on the ability to think in context, to solve problems and to find one’s own path in life rather than following pre-made paths set by parents or society.


In short, we offer:

Respect for children, teachers and parents as unique human beings with their own rights, needs habits and differences. We offer a safe environment where children and teachers may confidently develop their spontaneity, originality and imagination.

  • Private elementary school with Grades 1 - 7 (in September 2019 we opened Grade 6)
  • Czech-English education based on Montessori methods, two teachers per class
  • Classes start at 8.20 am
  • School including the after-school club is open from 7.45 am to 6 pm
  • Verbal evaluation in all subjects and all years
  • Above-average results in state-wide comparison tests such as KALIBRO and SCIO
  • Participation on Cambridge language examinations (YLE)
  • High success rate after continuing at the eight-year gymnasium
  • Other services: after-school centre, cafeteria, after-school clubs, consultations
  • A team of teachers with a kind, personal and tactful attitude towards children
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