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Open Door Days March 10th, 2022

We cordially invite you to a meeting with the management and a tour of our school accompanied by our students and parents!

You are welcome to visit us! More ->










How can you learn more about our school?

The Open House day is going to take place on March 10, 2022. If you cannot come you have a number of other options to get to know our school better!

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Duhovka Philosophy

Accepts responsibility for all actions; realizing they are a part of a bigger whole.

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About the School

Duhovka Elementary is a Czech-English school based on the methods of Maria Montessori. In September 2019, we are opening the secondary level to our elementary.

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Admissions Process

Are you interested in our
school? Find out more
about the admission

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Montessori Approach

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Czech-English Education

There is one Czech speaking
and one English speaking
teacher in every class. This
helps children to be in
contact with both

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Our services

We provide many additional activities for children to make the most of after-school time.

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My zone

We will be launching a log-in section of the website for parents of Duhovka children.

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Do you have any questions you would like to ask? We will be happy to answer them.

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Základní škola
Duhovka, s.r.o.
Nad Kajetánkou 134/9
169 00 Praha 6 - Břevnov
+420 220 303 821

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Find out about events and
developments in and around
the school on our Facebook
pages, where we will also
welcome your opinions
and suggestions.

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Parent Association

Together for our kids!

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