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Our talented Chef Pepa and his 3-member team prepare school lunches as well as healthy and tasty snacks (in the morning and in the afternoon) for our whole school.

The children can choose from 2 options every day (one being a vegetarian dish). They make their choice with parents and choose meals for the next month. The lunch menu is displayed both online at parents zone and on school bulletin boards.

The main course is always served with a salad available from a salad bar in any desirable amount. The salads on offer are usually prepared from carrots, greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, lamb salad or Greek-style. Morning as well as afternoon snack meets the standard nutritional requirements set and controlled by a nutrition specialist, and consists of ham, cheese, eggs, various spreads, yoghurt, jam, cornflakes, honey, butter, fruits and vegetables. The children can thus make own snack suiting their taste. The afternoon snack served during the after-school program is usually enhanced by something sweet such as home-made pies or pastry. Fresh water and other drinks are also provided all day long. 

We cooperate with Koláček Bakery who supply us with rye and yeast bread every week. We are relly glad that we also managed to find a diary supplier with products in bio quality (milk, curd, yogurt, fresh chesse), which is the bio farm Struha.  

Our kitchen has also started to grow fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage, lovage, mint, lemon balm, lavender, and bear´s garlic) which are used by our cook to make our meals taste more interesting.

Our children also participated in an enquiry that informed us what their favorite meals are and we are trying to include their wishes in the afternoon snacks.

In case your child need to follow a diet, our cook will gladly personalize the meals to comply with yor child´s needs. We prepare meals in a gluten-free and lactose-free option as well. Should you be interested in these, please contact the cook directly:


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