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We are looking for new colleagues

The school is still looking to hire new staff for the upcoming school year 2018-2019 (possibly for long-term employment).

We are looking specifically for Czech and English assistant teachers (applicants with qualification may progress to a teaching position).

From November on, we will need an English teacher. More details can be found here



Summer Holidays and Open hours at School 2018

The office is open daily from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. If you need to come to school, please contact us in advance at e-mail:

Thank you and have a beautiful, sunny and relaxing summer days!

The Duhovka Elementary School Team


Garden Party 2018

Dear Duhovka Parents and Friends,

The end of the school year has come and we would like to celebrate it with you at the Garden Party on Friday, June 22. You are cordially welcome. Please don’t forget to bring grandparents as well!

The program will be as follows:

2.00 - 2.20 p.m.          Drumming for children, part 1
2.40 - 3.00 p.m.          Drumming for children, part 2
3.00 - 3.45 p.m.          The Apples (with Simona Šteruská)
4.00 - 4:30 p.m.          Fifth-graders Ceremony
4.30 - 5.15 p.m.          The Apples (with Simona Šteruská)
5.15 p.m.                     Theatre performance ("Divadýlko z pytlíčku")
6.00 p.m.                     The end

During the Garden Party, you can look forward to: several thematic workshops, game zone, "Charity bake sale" of all classes, a raffle, hammocks, refreshments from Pepa’s kitchen and an ice-cream stand!

We will serve fresh coffee, non-alcoholic beer and lemonade.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Duhovka Elementary


How did we enjoy the Jizera Mountains?

Throughout the whole week children from Grades 4 and 5 fully enjoyed the beauty of the nature of the Jizera Mountains. The children were involved in various activities prepared for their classes - they explored the forest through their senses, or they tried Hucul horse riding, there were also a bee-themed trail and workshops such as felting (sheep wool products), farming, or discovering the microworld of water.

On Wednesday we set off for a daylong walk. We ended the day with building a campfire in the evening and also a sleepover awaited us in a stylish teepee.

Despite of many positive experiences we were looking forward to going home.


What does one day in School in Nature look like? Lower El. in Šumava

Today we woke up to the clouds setting on top of us. It was foggy as we started our hike to Pancíř for group one. Our journey was two kilometers to Horská chata Pancíř 1,214 meters above sea level. We enjoyed a leisurely hour and a half hike that included observations of the biomes and ecosystems on the mountain without a drop of rain. At our destination we climbed many stairs to the top of Pancir tower, where we only saw the clouds and our friends on the ground. On our way back, some of us took a small 5 minute trip to a spring which is the beginning the river Úhlava.   

Group two took a trip to Eco center in Železná Ruda, and interpretive center showing various animal, plant and geological formations in Šumava. Their hike was without rain also and they enjoyed the forest and the sounds of nature.

After lunch we played games, read books and did some art in Družina along with swim time. We also experienced some great thunderstorms with heavy downpours.

Tonight we will be dancing away at the Disco and enjoying watching our friends share their talents at the talent show.


How was our TALENT SHOW 2018?

We believe everyone has a hidden treasure. We help them to discover and make the most of their riches." This is one of our values, and we seek to uphold this value not only through our own approach, but also through our school events. Talent in all its forms can also be one of these treasures. Children were given an opportunity to show us their talents, diligence or just excitement about some kind of skill at the Talent Show. The show took place at our school on 3 May with the participation and great support of parents and friends. Children sang, danced, or played the piano, the flute or the guitar. The music resounded through the school, and the applause from the audience for every participant could hardly be missed on the afternoon of that day. Every child received a music pencil with a souvenir card for their courage.

We are already looking forward to next year’s event and we would very much like to thank the children for such an enjoyable afternoon!



Seminar "Modern nutrition for children", May 16th

Dear Parents,

On Wednesday, May 16 you will have the opportunity to participate in a lecture with an expert in the area of nutrition, RNDr. Petr Fořt.

 The topic is "Modern nutrition for children".When and Where? It takes place from 16:30 at Duhovka Elementary  (Nad Kajetánkou 134/9, Praha 6).

At the seminar, you will learn what food to buy for your children, how to prepare it and how to make sure your children have a balanced diet. Petr Fořt has written several books, for instance: So what should I eat?, Recipes and nutrition tables (not only) for athletes, Modern nutrition for children, Sport and healthy nutrition, Stop children obesity, Food that children like. 

We will serve healthy refreshment and coffee. 

Mr. Fořt is open to your questions, which you can submit when you sign up for the seminar on the link below.


We are looking forward to seeing you!

Duhovka Elementary


May 10th - We will celebrate MOTHER’S DAY

A hand-painted tote bag for every mom

Creative workshop with Happy


Dear moms of our School, 

On May 10 at 4 p.m. in the After-School Center: we invite all moms to come spend time with their children, paint a tote bag and enjoy some desert and a cup of coffee. There will be homemade cupcakes for the children.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Art Teacher Happy and Družina ´s team



April Became the Recycling Month in Duhovka

In April, we recycled! During art classes as well as regular instruction time, children made beautiful things out of recycled materials. They brought old newspapers, magazines, leftover fabric, old buttons, paper rolls, polystyrene trays, corks, small boxes, plastic bottles with caps etc. You can see a plastic whale in the picture – made by the children from Orange class.

Turquoise decided to organize a “clearance”, selling old items for a small amounts. This helped children understand that not everything that is old must be thrown away and whatever doesn’t bring them joy anymore can bring joy to others. They will donate the money collected to a shelter for abandoned animals. There was a lot of interest in the items on sale right from the beginning! Galery here


We celebrated Earth Day and we have new project - COMPOSTING

Composting has become an interesting long-term project of our school in which not only children but also employees of the school and some parents participate. We have recently supported recycling of bio-waste by organizing a training for school employees and consequently children as well. For this purpose, we have equipped the premises with special bins and our compost In the garden thus receives regular supplies. Thank you also to organisation Ekodomov, Kateřina Koubova.
During Earth Day celebrations on Friday, April 20th, parents participated in garden maintenance. One of the activities consisted in working with compost. During this, we made an interesting finding which will result in us having to treat our compost matter with great care. We found out that rare species, European rhinoceros beetle, made his home in our compost. This beetle is strictly protected on our territory because it belongs to endangered species. These beetles often take a liking to compost where the larvae take several years to develop.  Gallery here
We would like thanks to parents who accepted our invitation and came on Friday, April 20th to celebrate Earth Day with us and help us maintain and clean our garden.

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