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School Year Calendar

4 September

The First Day of School

The School starts at 8.30. New parents with children will go directly to their classes. More info you can find on homepage.
4 September

After-school clubs registration starts from 12 am

Only through the My Zone
5 September

Class Parent Meetings

From 5pm Lower El and from 6pm Upper El. All takes place in classes.
8 September

Family Picnic

We starts at 3 pm. Dear parents you are welcome on school garden this Friday. Take your blanket and food and come to join us!
11 - 15 September

Course of Environmental Education (Grades 4 - 5)

Chldren will go out of Prague to Eco centrum. They spend week in Moravia Region. More info is here: More Information »
11 - 15 September

After-School Clubs start (Grades 1 - 3)

Free sample lessons during the first week
13 September

Montessori Seminar for new parents

The seminar starts at 5 pm. Registration is not necessary
18 - 22 September

After-School Clubs start (Grades 4 - 5)

First week of lessons is free (week from 5 - 11.9.)
26 September

Administration – Parent Meeting

This meeting is an opportunity for you to talk with us and share ideas, thoughts or concerns that you may have. Themeeting will be at school cafeteria and starts at 5 pm.
28 September

State Holiday

29 September

Director’s Day Off

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