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School Year Calendar

2 November

Meeting with Duhovka Pre-schooler´s parents about the admissions proces to Duhovka Elementary

At the Pre-school - only for Duhovka pre-school parents Address od Pre-school is Kozlovska 9, Praha 6.
8 November

Administration – Parent Meeting

This meeting is an opportunity for you to talk with us and share ideas, thoughts or concerns that you may have. Themeeting will be at school cafeteria and starts at 8.30 am.
15 November

Open House Day (1st term)

The School is open from 9 am untill 5 pm. Children from Upper El will show you our classes and school. We are looking forward to seeing you. 2nd term will be February 23rd.
16 November


Who would like to look into classes, please contact Michael Paulova at e-mail: The number of seats is limited. Observation is from 8.30 to 10 am.
17 November

State Holiday – Day Off

20 - 21 November

Parent-Teacher Conferences

For term, please register through the Zone.
22 - 23 November

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Blue, Green and Orange classes
23 - 24 November

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Vanilla and Purple classes
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